Welcome to Minnetonka!

The annual tree sale is back!  We have two new options this year: online ordering and woodland trios.

This year’s new product, the woodland trios, are a combo of trees and shrubs that are smaller in size but offer more native plants to help reforest areas where buckthorn has been removed.

Quantities are limited and trees can sell out quickly.

Note: due to rising tree costs and nursery availability as well as the addition of the online ordering option, tree prices have risen slightly this year.

Ordering Trees

This offer is open to Minnetonka residents only. The city is offsetting the cost of the trees for residents; the intent of the sale is to reforest the city of Minnetonka. Please refrain from buying trees for cabins or others who do not live in the city.

You may order up to two trees per property or one tree and one trio per property. A trio is considered one tree “unit”, and will be limited to one per property owner due to limited availability. 

Orders will be processed for single family homeowners. If you represent a townhome or condo association, you must contact the city forester prior to placing your order and order via paper order and check.  Orders will not be accepted from apartment building residences. The city reserves the right to limit tree species selections and quantities for associations and residents who own multiple properties.

Unlike a retail nursery, these trees do not have a warranty

For Online Ordering Instructions click here

For A Paper Order Form click here